Mark Schildberg

Better than anyone faster. Faster than anyone better.
It’s not enough to be just good or just fast anymore. You have to be both.
And Schildberg’s Brain is.
How long has the Brain been doing this?
Oh…long enough to know what it’s doing. It has created work for Fortune 100 clients like Shell
and McDonald’s, and for products as small as Grandpa Fred’s Tool Holder (don’t ask). The Brain has generated print, radio, TV, outdoor, digital, collateral, direct mail, point of sale, viral, guerilla, press releases, special material for trade shows, skits, silly videos, TV Guide listings, business letters, tweets, and Facebook status updates. And it can do the same for you.
How fast is the Brain? Fast enough to collect a pile of “Wow, that’s fast” e-mails from delighted art directors, account executives and managers.
While fast is measurable, good is in the eye of the beholder. Let’s just say the Brain’s award count stands at 100+ so far and leave it at that. The Brain’s most valuable feature is its ability to make those who use it look very good indeed.
Ultimately, Schildberg’s Brain is about you and what you want to say to your audience. The Brain would be delighted to help you.
May we sell you a brain?